KROMO conveyor crate-washers are the perfect answer for all those sectors in the food industry dealing with heavy workloads on a daily basis: large bakeries and pastry shops, meat or fish industry, catering services, commercial kitchens, airport facilities. Our new LK and LKHD lines have been designed to offer our clients a comprehensive solution, tailored to their needs and work habits. This product range features six main models differing on productivity and performances, equipped with a fully customizable set of options to create dozens of unique versions. Thanks to their new standard equipment, LK and LKHD models are now even more aimed at providing considerable benefits for sector professionals in every aspect of use: significantly lowered consumptions, state-of-the-art technology and a solid structure are the factors ensuring high performances with limited running costs. The new automatic drain system, combined with independent and adjustable wash arms and intermediate surface filters in stainless steel are just some of the innovations introduced by KROMO in this perspective. In addition to their sturdy construction and high performances, new LK and LKHD crate-washers were also conceived in a truly environment-friendly outlook: traits like detergent economizer, an updated concept of thermal insulation, CPF system and reinforced double rinse reflect our strong commitment to continually undertake extensive research on green and cost-effective innovations. As previously mentioned, our conveyor crate-washers line offers the possibility to choose among six highly customizable models, which however maintain some of the distinctive features of the KROMO brand, such as the usable belt width of 640 mm, usable height of 450 mm and a constant monitoring of operation temperatures and wash results. All this while preserving limited dimensions, lower than the market average at an equal production capacity: with LK and LKHD machines it is possible to wash even big or non-standard baskets, thanks to the addition of dedicated neutral zones between modules. Optimal wash results are always KROMO's main goal. What else to say, other than just try our LK and LKHD models?


LK 5010 - LK 5010 V

640x450H mm

Power supply: 400 V 3N 50 Hz

Total input: 31,5 kW ; 2,5 kW + 48 kg/h

Belt speed: 2.20-3.45 m/min

Dimensions: 4900 x 985 x 1860/2200H mm

LK 7510 - LK 7510 V

640x450H mm

Power supply: 400 V 3N 50 Hz

Total input: 36,5 kW; 4,5 kW + 52 kg/h

Belt speed: 3.25-5.10 m/min

Dimensions: 5800 x 985 x 1860/2200 H mm

LK10010 - LK10010 V

640x450H mm

Power supply: 400 V 3N 50 Hz

Total input: 56,5 kW; 6,5 kW + 82 kg/h

Belt speed: 4.45-6.95 m/min

Dimensions: 6700 x 985 x 1860/2200 H mm

LK 12510 - LK 12510 V

640x450H mm

Power supply: 400 V 3N 50 Hz

Total input: 74,5 kW; 8,5 kW + 108 kg/h

Belt speed: 5.27-8.23 m/min

Dimensions: 7600 x 985 x 1860/2200 H mm

LK 8510 HD - LK 8510 V HD

640x450H mm

Power supply: 400 V 3N 50 Hz

Total input: 34,92 kW; 4,42 kW + 50 kg/h

Belt speed: 1.4-2.15 m/min

Dimensions: 6200 x 985 x 1860/2200 H mm

LK 11010 HD - LK 11010 V HD

640x450H mm

Power supply: 400 V 3N 50 Hz

Total input: 52,42 kW; 6,42 kW + 76 kg/h

Belt speed: 1.95-3.00 m/min

Dimensions: 7500 x 985 x 1860/2200 H mm



For food preparation on an industrial level


Containers, crates and trays of various types are often soiled with very difficult dirt to remove (blood, fat, meat residues).


Baskets and trays of various sizes soiled with light dirt such as flour but also with stubborn dirt such as jams, creams, burned dirt and chocolate.